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The Bartelstone Glass Story

The Bartestone Glass story started in nineteenth century England where the Bartelstone family began its earliest operations long before automobiles filled the world's roads.  Arriving in New York City around 1900, they set up shop as a flat glass company serving the lower part of Manhattan Island by horse and wagon.  In the 1920s the company moved to a location in the Bronx and continued to distribute flat glass for store fronts and other buildings. In 1933, Bartelstone began installing safety glass in automobiles and continued to do this through World War II.  At the wars end, Jack Kent joined the company and continued the company's development in auto glass in accordance with the changing industry and automobile technology.

By the 1950s Bartelstone was in the wholesale glass business providing mirrors, flat glass, and automobile glass, representing such well-know manufacturers as Shatter Proof Glass, PPG, Ford and Chrysler.

From the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s, Bartelstone ran an automobile glass business and a flat glass business at the same time.  However, as auto glass went on the upswing, they concentrated on the wholesale auto glass business selling their tremendous stock to shops all over the country as well as the world.  

Jack Kent purchased Bartelstone Glass from the Bartelstone family in the mid-1970s and Bobby Kent became a partner with his father in 1981.  As a source for auto glass for current as well as classic vehicles, the Kent family grew and strengthened its position in the market and Bartelstone expanded to have multiple locations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania employing over 80 people.




Transitioning to                                        BK Classic Auto Glass

At the end on 2012, the Kent's saw an opportunity to sell Bartelstone Glass.  Jack had long since retired and Bobby was ready to downsize and concentrate on building his sales in older, classic glass on a more extensive worldwide platform.  The Bartelstone sale was completed in March 2013 and BK Classic Auto Glass was established the same month. 

Bobby is adamant about being hands on and deals directly with all his customers to provide personal customer service.  He works diligently to assist everyone in trying to find what they need to be sure they obtain the correct parts.  Since Bobby grew up in the auto glass business, his knowledge of the older glass comes from his hands-on experience in ordering and handling the glass over the years.

While BK Classic Auto Glass has an enormous stock of older glass that is continually changing, we cannot stock everything.  If we don't have the part you need in stock, Bobby will do his best to try to locate it for you.  If he's unable to find it, he'll keep you contact information in case he finds it in the future.

You can't beat the personal attention you'll receive from Bobby and BK Classic Auto Glass.  He strives to make your search for hard to find auto glass successful.