BK Classic Auto Glass

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Shipping Policies

We ship orders all over he world by using the least expensive, most reliable, methods we can find. Unfortunately, we don't control these costs and even with the discounts afforded to us by the shipping companies, shipping cost may be extensive.  Depending on your location and the size and weight of the packaging to safely hold your glass, shipping charges will vary.


Domestic-Contiguous US Shipping Charges:

Pricing for shipping done within the contiguous US is usually stated when you purchase an item through the BK Classic Auto Glass E-Bay store.  If you call us directly for a part, we are usually able to quote a shipping charge at that time.


International, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico Shipping Charges:

Please call or e-mail to request a shipping quote.  Pricing for shipping done outside the contiguous US varies greatly.  Each order must be calculated on an individual basis.  If you make a purchase for the BK Classic Auto Glass E-Bay store, your shipping charges will not have been calculated and the price shown may only include shipping within the contiguous US.  Please contact us prior to ordering to establish what your shipping costs will be.  Costs can sometimes be significantly less if the part is sent to a nearby airport for you to pick up rather than having the part sent directly to your home or office.  Please contact us for quotes on shipping.



Orders are also available for pick-up to avoid paying shipping charges.  Our warehouse is located in Northern New Jersey.  See the map on our Contact Us page for location and directions.  Please notify us of your intent to pick up an order so we can make arrangements to meet you as our hours vary.


Breakage in Shipping

Occasionally, shippers will break a glass during the shipping process.  Please review our Return Policy for details on what to do if this happens.